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22-Jan-2019 21:57

Is there a song from the new EP that has an interesting message/story?

I think a good one to talk about would be "Unsteady." I love that song a lot and really means a lot to us.

Many white people claimed that they were the superior race and that blacks were not as intelligent as whites.

They tried to hold up their accounts with scientific evidence, for example the size of the brain.

I wrote it kind of about my parents divorce, which is something that I never really felt comfortable talking about or thinking about.

The Brooklyn-based alternative rock quartet X Ambassadors is more than just a band, they are family -- literally.

I recently had the chance to catch X Ambassadors' show at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA where they opened for Imagine Dragons.Lately, I've been listening to these neo-soul guys, like this one guy Kwabs.